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3D Flip Page PDF ᐅ You will love it and use it forever

3D Flip Page PDF ᐅ You will love it and use it forever

With this article, we have listed our 3 favorite flip page PDF software programs we had the chance to tinker with recently. Earlier this year, my wife and I had started looking into a cheap (preferably free) way of bringing our local hot spot review PDF magazine to the digital era. Considering we are a (very) small business and do not have much money to spend – we would prefer to find a service that offered the main features we desired for free and would give our indie publication the same flair seen when looking through other, big-budget publications. After viewing a few options, we decided we wanted to have a more “impressive” feel for our publication and decided to go with a page Flip PDF Creator, but with so many on the market – which was the best for us?

What flip page PDF creation tools exist?

We were fairly surprised to find that the 3D page-flipping pdf files maker landscape had a large number of choices. Because we are parents, have full-time jobs, and are part-time bloggers – we have decided to limit this article to our 3 favorites convert free pdf page flip effect programs.

  1. YUMPU Publishing

  2. Flip Snack

  3. iSpring Suite

First off, we wanted to name off one of our favorite options, YUMPU Publishing. I found this via Google late one evening and added it to my list of programs to check out. Unfortunately, I forgot about it until the last minute and was unable to put it through as thorough a test as the other two options but from what I could see – for an ad-free, totally free service, this thing ROCKS!

One of my favorite features is the fact that it is truly “free”. No 30-day trials, no ads, and no adware packaged with the download. Another one of the features I thought was very unique is the “bookshelf” option that allows you to export and embed your entire ebook collection into your website with just a few clicks.

As our PDF magazine has been part of the local scene since the late 1990s, my wife and I had built up quite a large collection that we wanted to share on our site. Up until finding YUMPU Publishing, we had difficulty locating a free solution that was easy enough to understand that we “non-techies” could manage to eke out the HTML code without too much hassle. Now our readers can access our entire library of content to see how our PDF magazine has evolved over the years.

Here's the deal

Now with the good, there does come some bad but it isn't THAT terrible considering the price. One of the features I was shocked to not see included (at least in this version) was a preview feature. You would think that this would be a fairly obvious option to have included but for whatever reason – it just was not there.
Some of the more advanced features did require you to sign up for a free trial but the basic version was good enough for our purposes.

YUMPU Publishing is a solid effort and has a great price. This is a good option for an amateur that is looking for a basic solution.

The next software on our list was my wife Alice's favorite of the bunch. Known as, Flip Snack – this is another web-based solution that was super simple to use and offered some really cool visual effects that Alice loved. I liked that there was a collection of pre-made templates and images that you could drop to spruce up your document.

You could probably get away with using flash Flipsnack as your sole editor if you had a very basic project that you just wanted to crank out as soon as possible. One of the other features that I thought was quite handy was, Flip Snack’s ability to act as a full-featured converter and editor in the same package. The totally free version has a lot of cool features and when coupled with the fact that the free version contains almost everything you could possibly need – we have another solid entry into the page-flipping pdf world.

Now onto the bad stuff, it took Alice and myself a few moments scratching our heads before we figured out that you have to skip the offer to publish a Flipbook HTML5 before you could actually get to the editor. Kinda strange they would set it up in that manner… However, the greatest icon of them all (and the reason why Flip Snack wasn’t my number 1 choice), you are stuck with a 15- PDF page flip limit, and some of the coolest features are locked for free users.

Bottom line here folks, if you have a small document to convert or even one to create from scratch, as long as it is under 15-pages long, Flipsnack is probably going to be your best option. I would recommend flash Flipsnack to anyone that does not have much time to learn a new software program or anyone that just wanted to make small document files without much hassle.

You can check out Flipsnack at the appropriately named,

Finally, the last page flip software we have to review is iSpring Suite.
This is a desktop Windows software(Sorry Mac users) that allows people to create a few different types of free PDF flash flipbook content representations. You can make PDF flipbook pages, timelines, FAQs, and a few other things. This is a full-featured editor that allows you to do everything like, adding custom text, images, or special characters to your free PDF flash flipbook pages.


Overall, it is extremely feature-rich and is probably the best option for someone that is going to end up making multiple page-flipping book page publications per month and doesn’t mind spending a little bit of money after the 30-day trial version expires. If you are just a casual user, I suggest sticking with one of the other options.

As for pros, the page-flipping book software was really easy to use and didn’t require me to read a long tutorial to get started. It also had some unique design options that weren’t featured in the other programs. This allowed you to do some really unique customizations for the page flip PDF you did create. This one also had a pretty easy-to-use export-to-HTML feature but I didn’t get a chance to play around with it much.

Now one of the major scratch your head moments for me came when I noticed there is NO OPTION TO UPLOAD A PDF FILE – that just struck me as plain strange. Maybe they have some sort of licensing issue with Adobe? Whatever the reason is – that one feature took away a lot of brownie points in my eyes.

iSpring Suite is still a solid choice for anyone using Windows that needs a solid editor that doesn’t mind having to use a PDF converter in conjunction with it.

Well there you have it folks, my wife and I hope that we gave you a little bit of knowledge about what options are out there for page flip pdf makers out there today.

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