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Digital Flipbook ➤ The best way to create an interactive Flipbook

Digital Flipbook ➤ The best way to create an interactive Flipbook

I’ve been looking for a decent method to share some of my documents and magazines. Sharing PDF files can be easy, but they aren’t particularly pretty or engaging. What I really wanted was a method in which I could share my digital documents online in an appealing form. After searching around for a bit, I learned about digital flipbooks. Basically, these are digital publications with pages that literally look like a real book as you digitally turn the page. Using a flipbook allows you to publish your documents online in an accessible and interesting way. It’s fast, really simple and it doesn’t cost any money. All you need is a PDF of your file, whether it’s a magazine publication, a novel, or a children’s book. All kinds of people publish their flipbooks online, from independent authors and novelists to textbook publishers. You’ll probably get some design and content ideas just by browsing Flipbook solutions like Joomag, FlipSnack, and YUMPU Publishing.

Features of a digital flipbook

What I enjoy most about these flipbooks is just how similar they appear to real books. With realistic page flip turns and curved, shaded pages, it’s kind of like I have a real book in front of me. It’s also neat how many options there are in terms of design. When I was browsing some of the digital flipbook sites, all of the examples were quite pretty! One website, FlippingBook, displays each PDF flipbook on a tabletop setting, so you really get the full experience of having a book or page in front of you. It’s also surprisingly easy to publish a free flipbook, considering all you need is a PDF of your file. Many websites provide you with an online platform to share your files and even offer a support team with support including SEO as well. Overall it’s quite simple to create and publish flipbooks, especially considering how many websites are available solely for publications or this purpose.

The Creation Process

So, how exactly do you set up a digital flipbook? Well, it’s important to remember that whatever website you choose will walk you through the very easy steps of setting one up. Here, I’ll explain what my process was like to create a free flipbook. Overall, everything was quick and simple. I already had a PDF page of my file that I wanted to turn into a free flipping book. This is perhaps the most important step, as, without content, you won’t have anything to use for your book. If you’d just like to try out the process, you can easily create a quick PDF page of some photos from your last vacation or some old blog posts to make a mock flipbook. Some online flipbook creators even allow you to use other file types, like JPEG. After signing up on a flipbook website, you’ll be prompted to begin the creation process. You can upload your PDF or perhaps use a template to streamline the process if you’re using a free PDF flipbook software like FlipSnack.

Customizing my flipbook including page turning effect

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can customize your digital flipbook! One of the most exciting things about this software is the potential for embedding media and adding interactivity. We may not be able to have video in a traditional print magazine, but anything is possible in the virtual realm. If you’re an online makeup retailer, you’ll find it easier than before to show off video techniques with your products. Additionally, I had the option to add buttons to link to Paypal or even my website’s online shopping cart, making this platform ideal for online shopping catalogs. These features can also help publishers of travel magazines share videos from festivals around the world.

When I finished creating my flipping book magazine pages, all I had to do was hit the “publish” button. There was even an option to create a widget and share a preview of my flipbook pages on my website. Flipbook software websites typically allow you to publish in a variety of file types, including ePub and Mobi for eReaders HTML5 for websites, and even ZIP for easier delivery if your file happens to be a large size. No matter what project you’re working on, flipbooks are a viable option for sharing your content.


Making a flipbook was incredibly easy, and I would recommend the process to anyone. It’s ideal for those who wish to share their content online in a visually appealing and accessible way. The entire process is easy, fast, and free. As long as you have a free PDF of your file, you’re ready to get creating and show up with your PDF flipbook publications!

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