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Flipbook Online » Create an interactive Flipbook in 2 minutes

Flipbook Online » Create an interactive Flipbook in 2 minutes

Using the free flipbook online service from YUMPU Publishing, you can publish a free flipbook with fascinating content and lot of features. I’m a graphic designer, and I was looking to jump out of the safe zone of my employer and into my real business. While I thought that I knew how to design a Flipbook, I soon realized that I had a whole lot more to learn. You either have it in you to design a great flipbook that captures people’s attention or you only know how to read them.

What is a Flipbook?

A flipbook basically equates to an online magazine that has been turned into PDF form. It becomes a great way to share content on Facebook and even on your blog. It sounds like it’s easy enough, but when I first started, I used services like Magcloud and Issuu. Nevertheless, I had a hard time getting them to work, so I used a lot of money, and felt somewhat defeated. I had ideas about how to create an awesome flip book online that turned out to be untrue. It was more complicated than what I had figured. Nevertheless, in the end, it became much easier than what I had first thought. It’s simply a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it.

How to Make a Flipbook Online

Even a beginner can create a customized HTML5 flip book from scratch and share it. It takes between 10 to 20 minutes, once you have figured out how the software works. After researching the process extensively, I learned that I could use the various free flipbooking software sites as a method of designing my own page turning flipbooks. The next best thing about using this flip book software page is how navigable everything is, which means that even a graphic designer just starting in the business will learn how to implement these digital publishing features fast.

Step One: Creating Your PDF and Uploading It

Before you can use the digital Flipbook software, you will need to create your PDF file. If you have a finished PDF or flip book animation, then simply skip this step. You have a lot of online tools that will let you create a PDF document. If you have Excel or Wod, you can simply save your document in PDF form. You can also get templates on the Internet for creating a PDF. For example, I found my template using If you are looking for a template, you can search through the Photoshop Magazines template.

Once you have done this, you open the template using Indesign or Photoshop. At that point, you style your flip book in the fashion that you want. While I was doing this, for example, I created a travel magazine publication because that is one of my passions. After you have finished, save your PDF file. To do this, click “File” and then “Save as,” and after that, you will choose PDF as your desired file type to save it as. What happens if you saved your design in multiple PDF files? If you did this, then you will need to combine them into a single PDF if you hope to create an integrated flip book. You can do this for free using SmallPDF. These are the guidelines to consider when creating a PDF file:

  • Secure or Not Secured?

  • Will the PDF have Single Page or All the Page?

  • PDF Should Have No Hidden Layers

  • Optimize Your PDF to a Minimum of 180 DPI

  • Every Page Should Have the Same Size

Step Two: Upload Your PDF

After you have complete step one, next you will need to upload your file to the servers. This allows for further processing. Once you have uploaded the file, you will want to log in to your flipping book online creator of choice. You should receive an email for activating your account, and after you have done that, you will click, “Activate account.”

Step Three: Setting Up Your Free Flipbook

Once you have set up your account, you can edit the details about the magazine as needed. For example, you can edit the title, tags and description. Why would someone want to make that? Features like this one boils down to ranking better in the search engines with Google. Also, it improves the reader’s experience because they make everything more navigable. To set this part up, in YUMPU Publishing, you will click easy the upper right corner and select, “My Magazines.”

Once it takes you to the next page, click, “Edit Magazine. This takes you into the settings for your new magazine. You will select a title and enter the best description to fit your publications. In addition, you can add tags as needed. I have found that sometimes the free software service will automatically extract some of the tags that I used from before, and I have found that it did not represent the content as good as what it should have. All I had to do was click the x, and it removed the unwanted tags. However, you should have a minimum of around five tags because this gives you a better ranking with the search engines.

Step Four: Share the Flipbook

After you have taken the other steps, you are now free to share your PDF flipbook as you want. Sharing is fairly simple, and all you have to do is click on the “Share” option, which you will find underneath the magazine. That lets you share your flipping book with social media platforms, and you can also add it to your blog.

I recommend services like and because it lets you build up your own interactive magazine. If you want to start your own digital magazine, lets you create your own custom page, and you can add HTML5 elements as needed. For someone who wants to start an online magazine business, these services are invaluable, and they will get your foot in the door without having to pay a $5,000 copier and the printing supplies after. If you have a publishing service or even want to publish flyers and ads, this gives you an easier option.

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