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PDF Flipbook ⇒ More sales and more readers in no time

PDF Flipbook ⇒ More sales and more readers in no time

One of the most important areas of running a business and driving content to my website is through marketing. As a small business owner, I love interacting with my clients and running my business. However, I struggle with many aspects of the technical side of running a business. I did create PDF files that I have used over the years to get information out to my customers. However, as times have changed, these are no longer cutting edge and badly needed updates. I found about page flipping PDF flipbook services where my old PDF file could be updated to a nice new flip book. The first service that I used was very expensive and did not work correctly. As someone that is not great at using computers and other technical software, it was difficult for me to use their services for digital publishing. I decided to move my services to another company I found. When I first got to YUMPU Publishing, they said that all of their digital magazine and PDF to Flipbook converter software services were free. Although I did not believe it at first I signed up with my email and got to work. Although I still had issues, the customer support staff was great at helping me out with my issues.

The PDF Flipbook solution I was looking for

Not only are the services really free, but I also found that their product was far and away better than the other service I used for my website I did create. There are some aspects of the site that are for premium members only, but as a small business owner that is just starting out, I stayed with the free version of the website. I have found that the free version has everything that I could ever want in their flip page PDF flip book services. This has been one of the best things to happen to my business from a marketing standpoint as I now have more credibility with prospective clients than before.

Another great aspect of this service is that it is compatible in both the mobile and desktop versions of the computer or device that you are using. This is important to me because I personally have a very diverse customer base that has a variety of different preferences. If you are someone that has customers of a variety of different ages, this is a great service for you and them.

Social Media Marketing

One of the best features of this service is the fact that it can sync up with all of your social media accounts and blast out the PDF flipbook when i create them. I have noticed a large increase in the feedback from my social media followers since I started using I love interacting with my clients and potential customers via social media, and the free PDF flipbook has allowed me to do so.

The great thing about social media is that it can be used for little or no cost. However, that also means that all of my competitors can use the services as well. I have found it goes a long way to try and be different on social media and the digital flipbook html5 helps me to do just that. Not only do you want to increase your social media traffic, but it is important that they turn in to paying customers as well.

Great customer support

Finally, the ability to upload all of my flipbooks through to the cloud is something that I never thought I would be able to do. I am not the type of person that is very tech-savvy or good with computers. However, with the great customer support staff and easy instructions, I have found that I too am able to accomplish this.

Having the ability to store everything in the cloud is a great resource for a business to have. Many times, customers will stumble upon my site and be able to look at all of my PDF to flipbook materials in one sitting. This gets them more interested in the material that I have to offer as a fitness coach and can eventually lead to a paying customer that I would not have had before. At the end of the day, the digital html5 flipbook services help me to have more paying clients than before for no cost out of my pocket.


Overall, one of the best decisions that I ever made for my business was deciding to go with the services at If you are like me and do not have a lot of money to spend on marketing, this is the place for you. I decided to stay with the free version of the site because I was just starting up a business. There are many ways in which the services can help your business.

In my experience, I saw a huge increase in my social media followers and traffic to my website. Many of the people visiting turned into paying customers, which is a great deal for my business because our out-of-pocket costs were next to zero. I would highly recommend both the software and the customer support team for your business.

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