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jQuery flipbook – Find out more about it and let yourself be inspired

jQuery flipbook – Find out more about it and let yourself be inspired

As a beauty guru, life can be busy! Between testing new products, thinking of new ideas, vlogging, and video editing, I hardly have any time on my hands. I enjoy the life of a makeup artist even though it can be hectic, because of all the inspiration I get. I watch other beauty gurus on YouTube and think, how can I take what they’ve done to the next level?

How can I share it with my friends? – jQuery Flipbook?

There are too many tutorials and too many products to constantly share through e-mail or other messaging apps. If I share these tips and tricks the traditional way, they can easily get lost or deleted. I mean we all know the feeling of accidentally deleting an important email/text message and not getting it back! Plus I want a whole collection of other fashion items and accessories that I can share at once! It would take too much time to individually link the products and clothing that I liked.

My simple Solution is a jQuery Flipbook

When I was in New York during fashion week, I saw so many beautiful dresses, skirts, and blouses that I had to take pictures and share all of them. I started making a collage page of the pictures I took on my computer but it was a horrible experience. Improper plugin formatting, wrong image sizes, and difficulty moving things around were a few of the problems I ran into.

I figured I couldn’t do it so I wanted to hire someone to make this collage page for me. I was so busy so I thought it was a good idea, but let’s face the college page, being a beauty guru isn’t the most lucrative career.

But there’s a catch

The best I could do is make a PDF file page of the various images I had. I thought it was too boring, I wanted something a bit more appealing instead of this page. I did some online research and came across a few online conversion programs but they were too expensive and hard to understand. Now keep in mind, I’m not a huge techie so I needed something simple.

I saw this link titled “Flip HTML5 – Make a Jquery Flipbook” and when I clicked on this “Flip HTML5 – Make a Jquery Flipbook” link, I immediately saw a sample jquery html5 flipbook page turning magazine. It looked professional and I thought, hey I can work with this jquery flipbook! This site required me to write a short description of the magazine I was uploading and the category it fell under.

After that I just clicked “upload” and it started doing its magic. All I had to do was wait and I got my beautiful jquery html5 page flip book magazine at the end of it. I was glad there was no downloading required because of my past history of catching viruses!

Getting more creative

It was so easy uploading my previous PDF files and converting them into a  jquery flipbook. Because it was so easy, I thought I could get more involved and start writing small articles next to my pictures. I knew it wouldn’t be a hassle including these articles into my web jquery html5 flip book magazine page because Flip HTML5 converted it so efficiently.

As I did more research on the web, I saw another online web flipbook magazine converter pages with their own unique names and brands. I kept seeing the name “Jquery plugin” or “Jquery Flipbook” pop up jquery plugin over and over again so I figured that plugin is what the programs are running with. Well, the good ones anyway.

Here’s the deal

Since I can see myself using this jquery html5 flipbook program quite often, I decided to make an account on YUMPU Publishing where I can consistently upload my projects for free I did create. I just drag and drop my PDF pages into the empty box on the website, hit upload, and I’m done.

What I like the most about this is you can view my magazine on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. I like viewing it on my tablet the most because I am always on the go. Plus, it’s more interactive because it feels like I have an actual magazine in my hand while flipping through the free flipbook pages. Moreover at YUMPU Publishing, they offer a great support team that helps you to configure and use your flipbooks. Just great support and it’s free!

My new hobby – Create magazine pages for my website

Ok, seriously you guys, I’m so addicted to this! This idea of turning my ideas into a magazine page makes me feel like a professional. Every project looks original and inventive. It inspires me! It’s nice having a small collection of magazines I can show my friends and family. It helps spread my love and imagination I have for my job. I can express my creativity through Jquery Flipbook plugins with a page flip effect in a fast, and more importantly for me, freeway.

They have all sorts of plug-ins with different page-flipping effects for my magazine. Responsive FlipBook is a pretty good one too because it works on my phone! Everyone is always on their mobile devices nowadays which makes it easier for others to view my projects with their mobile devices. Responsive FlipBook is my favorite so far because it works on any device.

I also like Flip HTML5 and YUMPU Publishing (including their great support team support) like I previously mentioned, because it’s so easy to upload my PDF onto their website. There are so many different websites to choose from which makes it even easier for me to try something new. I saw a few others during my search that I may plan on using in the future such as Real 3D Flipbook which makes a more realistic magazine. It seems more interactive to me so I might give that a shot.

The future of my Projects

Well, I think I rambled on enough about me and my fashion escapades. I just get so excited when I find something that makes my life easier while inspiring me to do more. These Flipbook converters are a great idea, I wish I came across them sooner. I still remember all of the images and beauty tips I deleted because my computer was getting so cluttered with them! Oh well, at least now I have a way to organize my thoughts. I still plan on using this application for my future activities or website. It’s so easy and straightforward! I can definitely see this becoming a trend in the near future.

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