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Make a Flipbook ▷ Generate more readers and increase your sales

Make a Flipbook ▷ Generate more readers and increase your sales

When publishing my E-Books, using PDF files just did not seem to be working. The format looked kind of strange, and scrolling through the pages just did not feel right. I needed something with more functionality than offered by a standard PDF file. Something that was easier to create and share with my readers.

Why I Chose Flipbooks

I searched the internet and performed extensive research on the subject. Eventually, I stumbled upon flipbooks. They were exactly what I was looking for and offered nearly every feature I needed. A diverse system capable of creating documents for any number of applications. That includes business documents, brochures, fashion magazines, and whatever else you could think of.

One of the things I loved the most, though, was the authentic feel of the documents. Rather than scrolling through the pages, I was able to flip over to the next page. Before, I could really only do this with physical books and documents. I had never imagined that this was possible on the internet.

Easy to Create and Share – make a flipbook

The main reason that I chose to use flipbooks is because of how easy it is to create documents. Along with the fact that I can share them the moment that they are finished. This made the entire process a whole lot easier for me. You can even embed your flipbooks in a blog post or somewhere on your website. With certain flipbook applications, such as Joomag, you can even monetize your flipbooks. If you already have a PDF made, you can easily convert it into a flipbook simply by uploading it to a service like Flip Builder.

The best part, though, is that the majority of flipbook creation services are free to use! The features for free and paying members vary between different flipbook services, but usually, free members are somewhat limited. Even so, it is enough to let you try it out before you decide whether or not to purchase a membership.

Flipbooks Make Great E-Books

There is no doubt in my mind that digital flipbooks are the best way to publish E-Books, at least in my opinion. It just feels so much more authentic to actually flip the pages of the book as you read through it. Joomag is one of the best available services for this. Mainly due to the sheer amount of features that they have for it. If you do not already have a PDF made, you can use their editor to create it directly from the website. You can even add pictures, embed videos, and incorporate music into your documents.

After you make a flipbook on Joomag, they give you the ability to monetize it. All you have to do is set a price, and they handle the rest of the process. If you want to, you can even have them print physical copies that you can distribute or sell in whatever way you wish.

Make a flipbook for Photo Albums

Flipbooks can be used to create absolutely stunning photo albums. Services akin to Flip Builder allow you to make a flipbook using a variety of features. This includes being able to insert beautiful photographs and even animate them to provide greater immersion. Imagine flipping the pages to see scenic views of animated waterfalls with birds circling above. Creating this is entirely possible with flipbooks.

Other Applications

Those are only a few of the many possible flipbook applications. You can create detailed and informative business documents, immersive magazines, and more. Once you are finished, it is easy to embed them in a webpage or blog post for your viewers to read through.

Services such as FlipViewer do not only offer a variety of features for the designer, but for the readers as well. That includes the ability to highlight important text, place notes, and share or download the document.

The Conclusion

There is a plethora of free online PDF flipbook creation and conversion services out there. Designed specifically for the purpose of helping you create and share your flipbooks in just a matter of minutes. If you are still not convinced, you can try out the majority of these services for free. I fully encourage you to do so and see why I am so fond of online flipbooks.

Flipbooks combine the most important aspects of both physical, and online documents. They offer a wide variety of features and an amazing amount of functionality. You only need to follow a few steps in order to make a flipbook, and the end result is amazing. I thoroughly recommend flipbooks for anyone who is not completely satisfied with paper documents or PDFs.

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