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Flip PDF For Mac Users ➤ The perfect tool that you should definitely use

Flip PDF For Mac Users ➤ The perfect tool that you should definitely use

I was getting ready to launch a new book for a giveaway campaign. I was so excited. I was ready to conquer what I believed to be my virtual real estate on the internet. I wanted readers but didn’t know the first thing about flip PDF for Mac.

Then I Heard About Flipbook Websites

I wondered if this could be the answer to my problem? I was rather desperate. Lo’ and behold, I did find some solutions. There were more than enough so I listed them below. (Simplebooklet)

I went to the website and found out that users could create a digital flipbook page with a free app there called Simplebooklet. It allows you to make “flipbooklets” in a reasonable amount of time with this software. Simply upload your PDF files and it will automatically flip your flip PDF documents for your Mac (or PC). It also has a feature that allows you to create your own unique design for your page flip booklet.

Another thing I liked about the free version of this online app is that I could add contact forms. My flipbooklet would allow me to see the visitors that read it. I found that to be a big plus. It also has the capabilities to create landing pages with flip animations. It even lets you apply transitions to it.

The best thing about it for me was being able to add my own URL. I bookmarked this site. With those features (even being free), it was definitely worth venturing back.

Another website to flip PDF files for Mac. I discovered you can make colorful page-turning flipping book, page-flipping digital catalogs, digital page flipping magazines, page flipping brochures, page-flipping ebooks, page-flipping ebooks, or any type of printed books for your mac. All you have to do is upload your PDF sample from your browser. I liked the idea that I would be able to accomplish it in a few minutes. ePaperFlip uses HTML5 technology.

I was taken by this software because it provided another solution to my constant problem of unopened messages or emails. Some of my friends and family members would tell me that they couldn’t open the PDF files or eBooks I’d sent them. ePaperFlip turns out to be a viable solution.


I was really becoming fascinated with page-flipping ebooks that were using HTML5 Technology. This one however used HTML5 and CSS3 technology. With flipgorilla, the user has the ability to make their publications display (and operate) on all devices. Just upload, wait for a few, and share it wherever you wish. Instantly share to blogs, social media; even embed your ebook or magazine in your website.

I think you’ll find flipgorilla is a great option to convert your existing PDF to a page flipbook. It also has a WordPress plug-in available. Give them a shot, you may love your finished product.

This online platform is another flip bookmaker that uses HTML5. I am quickly becoming an extreme lover of this technology. I was sending friends picture collages they couldn’t open. With Flipbook HTML5, this will no longer be a problem. Just upload your PDF (or eBook) into their platform and you’re done.

There’s a neat landing page inside the Flip HTML5 called a bookcase. Here, you can store your books on video bookcases with your titles. It’s one of the neatest features I’ve come across visiting any of the sites. Flip HTML5 is definitely worth looking into.

This is another website that enables users to make a Flipbook quickly. It’s an easy process. All you have to do is create a project, upload your source files, fix your settings and release it to the public. Voila!


Flipviewer gives your FlipBook background colors and allows you to customize buttons for navigation. There are also colorful bookmarks and a table of contents to navigate easier. The only downside to the platform (or software) is that will have interactive ads placed by your covers.

On the upside of things, has many other useful features. The ability to use hyperlinks, internal links or bookmarks probably gives this software a dynamic edge over its competitors. You can even customize the user’s interface to your liking.

Animation FlipBooks

If you’re into animations, you’ll love this website. It’s actually like a game. You create animations right on the platform. You can choose from a wide range of colors to give more life to your animations. So far, the only ones (animations) I’ve seen were in black and white. They were pretty neat though.


Aside from its game-like qualities, can be a very beneficial tool for teams of animators. Animators could send their guys ideas for comparison. This gives users all over the world to interact with each other in real-time.

Here’s a website that allows you to upload your documents, pictures, videos, and PDF flip to make a stunning flipbook. You don’t have to know source code to make your flipbook look sleek and professional either. FlippingBook also gives you the option of adding popup images to your publication. PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word documents, even high-resolution images can be used effectively in this software for an extraordinary reading experience.

Aside from all the other perks that a flipbook has, this one has a text search engine allowing you (or your visitors) to find specific items faster. The software also lets you create exe (PC) or app (MAC) files in case you want to burn CDs or DVDs. FlippingBook also has its own cloud service to host your flipbooks and more creations. Once your flip PDF to flipbook conversion is finished, it can be embedded into your website for your visitors.

At the end of the day, it was nice to know that there were great apps, platforms, and more importantly; solutions. The only problem I’m having now is trying to figure out which of these platforms to use. The good news was finding easy ways to flip a pdf for Mac. There is a free viable solution to making your flipbook. Decisions, decisions.

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