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Free PDF Flip Book Software ⇒ Create your own interactive Flipbooks

Free PDF Flip Book Software ⇒ Create your own interactive Flipbooks

It’s important to start this review by disclosing the fact that I’m no techie—far from it. I’m the creative type with more than the average understanding about fashioning words and images into attention-getting publications and I write a blog on WordPress that wound up with enough followers to make me feel somewhat important. But because I’m not a pro at the mechanics of online pdf flipbook publications, I wandered long and hard in the valley of darkness because when it comes to understanding how software language is written, how the cloud stores data, and how online PDF flipbooks work, you may as well explain these workings to me in Ukrainian. I’m that clueless. That said, I wanted to increase my blog’s readership; to produce a pdf flipping book on a hosted web page, despite the fact that I’m a software dunderhead. So I asked people in the know to point me in the right direction.

One Great Free PDF Flip Book Software

This wasn’t my best idea; ask too many people for advice on online flip page pdf flipbook resources and a United Nations-worthy debate ensued. After wading through the chaff, I came to the conclusion that only one flipping flipbook software resource won more hearts and minds than others: YUMPU Publishing.

In the interest of transparency, I admit to being wildly enthusiastic about the free part. With YUMPU Publishing, you visit the site, say “Yes, please, I would like to avail myself of your free pdf flip book.” Done and done. While I have no idea how its creators came up with the name YUMPU Publishing, I didn’t care once I glimpsed the features and benefits for my future digital magazine that came with my free download.

While I don’t own every electronic device on the planet, I was impressed by the fact that it supports every device – mobile and desktop on the planet. I was also thrilled to learn that this pdf flipbook software optimizes for search engines like the ubiquitous Google.

If you check the pdf flip book out, you’ll discover that you can embed audio and video into whatever you publish and rumor has it the folks at this service are so friendly and helpful, you might wonder why they’re not charging you for this free pdf flipbook software in the first place.

More features, more power – it's easy and fun!

But, wait, said the TV pitchman! There’s more. The software is a free pdf flipbook software enables you to use your own branding, you can create a link to shops, blogs, websites, and maybe even your grandmother because it’s fully integrated with social networks and you can embed your artistic work on any or all platforms you desire, including Facebook and whatever must-have social website nobody can live without at the moment.

I know what you’re thinking: What’s this neophyte doing telling me that I should pick the free pdf flipbook software over the competition? Well, because if I can learn it, so can you. After working with this software for just a short time, I got a mini-education that supported the former design training I received back in the day I was the queen of flyers, catalogs, magazine layouts and more. The software is easy to use and it’s fun, too. Did I mention the fact that it’s free to convert your PDF files to a digital page flipping flipbook?

Want to play? Go to the registration page choose between a Facebook/Google/Twitter or E-mail address portal, agree to the terms of service, and, voila—you’re in. Follow prompts to get where you’re going and congratulate yourself on being so smart.

Your publication in PDF file format

The service takes care of the technical aspects of your publication, interfaces it with Amazon web services in the cloud, your page-flipping flipbook online takes just a few clicks (assuming you’ve saved your magazine in PDF file format) and the service will also put in and optimize your text so it gets search engine pickup.

Tailor the look, copy, and graphics to compliment your brand and—even if you’re extremely prolific–nobody’s going to tell you how many pages your publication must be; that’s your call. Every aspect of working with this convert pdf files to flip book free service is spelled out on the site, so even if you don’t speak tech because you’re a right-brained creative, you’ll get it.

But perhaps you love the idea but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the effort to jump onboard this latest iteration of communication magic, so let me explain how it helped me. As an independent blogger with a modest following, I’ve got hundreds of posts featuring my own clever copy and photography, but I was missing the most important link to get my stuff out into the hinterland: a conduit.

The universe is mine

I needed a way to actually create a pdf to flipbook without having to learn yet another program, so you might say that in my book, this service was heaven-sent. It is linked to my landing page and the universe is mine! Having a presence on this free digital flipbook publishing portal gives me–and anyone eager to read my pearls of wisdom–that chance, because YUMPU Publishing morphs into my digital newsstand, and my work keeps company with some of the most formidable flip books you’ve ever seen.

If you have a mind to channel your inner design diva or divo, the software offers paid plans with lots more features, but you might be surprised by the volume of work you can produce with only the basics.

Will I upgrade my free pdf flipbook software to the paid version so the work I did create is showcased on a grander scale? I might. But for now, I’m just enjoying having a way to get my work out to the world and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the feedback I’m getting from being on YUMPU Publishing is nothing short of amazing.

Did I ever imagine that my creative world would revolve around the simple act of crafting a PDF? Not in my wildest dreams!

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