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PDF to HTML5 Flip Book ᐅ Converting is so easy and free

PDF to HTML5 Flip Book ᐅ Converting is so easy and free

I decided to move my services to another company I found. When I first got to the website YUMPU Publishing, they said that all of their services were free. Although I did not believe it at first I signed up with my email and got to work. Although I still had issues, the customer support staff was great in helping me out with my issues and my plan to convert a pdf to html5 flipbook.

When You Need a Helping Hand

I originally graduated from journalism school back when the internet was just a twinkle in some mad scientist’s eye. We learned the value of creating good, authentic content that was set amongst brilliant photographs and yes, the occasional advertisement. Even after the world went digital, it seems like I was able to keep up with the times. My partners and I soon began to “print” outstanding PDF files that our fans and supporters really loved. I soon became a master at manipulating every pixel so that our PDF page files came out looking absolutely perfect.

But then the world snuck a march on me once again, and now those animated HTML flipbooks are all the rage. Our loyal customers appreciate our wonderful artwork and typeset layout of our PDF page files, but those are static pages. Today, people want more, which is why I knew I had to figure out the pdf flipbook procedure.

I downloaded the software what seemed like a million programs and squinted as I tried to follow vague instructions, but in the end, the conversion process of pdf to flipbook was just too difficult for me to figure out.

Saves the Day – Transform any PDF to html5 flipbook

That’s when I was given the link to YUMPU Publishing, an amazing website that can help transform any document to html5 free flipbook. All of the services on the site are completely free, and usually, most conversions between document types take only seconds. If you do decide to become a registered member, a process that is also free and only takes seconds, you can take advantage of the generous cloud storage that YUMPU Publishing offers everyone. With your documents and images stored in a safe off-site location, you’ll never have to worry about losing a valuable file ever again.
Example HTML5 flipbook

The site is absolutely loaded with features that go way beyond just pdf to flipbook converter conversions. Nearly any kind of document type can quickly and easily be converted to another type, and I’ve yet to see a file type that the software couldn’t handle. If that weren’t enough, the site features a special section where you can proudly display your completed documents.

Fans, customers, friends, and remote family members can get a simple web link from you via email and then enjoy the rich final product safely accessible 24 hours a day on the company’s powerful servers.
Tutorial – Convert documents to HTML5 Flipbook

Step 1 – PDF

First, you will need a document file. If you only have a Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. document, you can convert that easily to a PDF page by using one of the many great online flip page PDF conversion services. My favorite one is

Remember that all pages have to be in one single PDF file! You can’t upload multiple pages and combine them to a single HTML5 flipbook for PDF conversion

Step 2 – Sign up

Next, register for free on YUMPU Publishing. You only need to enter your e-mail address. After that, you get an activation e-mail. Open the activation e-mail and click on the activation link.

Step 3 – Upload PDF

Upload your PDF file via the upload box. The PDF upload on YUMPU Publishing starts.

Step 4 – Ready

The flipbook is uploaded successfully. Now edit your page-flipping book or your page-flipping magazine.

Edit magazine

Now you can configure the newly created page-flipping flipbook. Give it a title, a nice description, and fitting tags. All these things are important for the YUMPU Publishing search and for getting indexed in all major search engines like Google or Bing.

Flipbook software settings

Your HTML5 flipbook online is ready to go! Click on “View magazine” to read it now.

Starting with the fact that everything is free, it is almost astonishing that so many features for this software are available to members of YUMPU Publishing. Considering that becoming a member is both a simple, quick process and is also 100% free, it is difficult to understand why anyone would hesitate to register today.

Some of the many rich digital flipbbook magazine publishing applications offered completely free to members of the site:
Free Means Free – Although paid plans are available that unlock even more incredible features, a wide variety of powerful options are immediately unlocked for free to all members.

Universal Access – Mobile devices

Maybe you’ve got a top-of-the-line computer but your customer is using mobile devices or a mobile phone. Or perhaps dear old grandma with her ancient tower PC wants to view your final files. No problem, as the website automatically detects and adjusts to any mobile device or desktop.
Social Storm – If you should so desire, your final document can easily be linked to and shared on all popular social networks with the single click of a button. Your friends and fans will instantly see the highlights of the high-quality documents you did create.

PDF page files are not just static simulacrums of paper in digital form, with flat text and embedded images, but can also contain active hyperlinks to anything you like, including your own personal site, create a Facebook page, or perhaps create an affiliate online merchant.

Customer Service – Support – Help

When you hear “free”, you’re probably thinking that the software is some bare-bones site with no customer support service. On the contrary, the support from the customer service time at is absolutely top-rate, far surpassing even more traditional businesses.


Ever since my good friend Tommy tipped me to the wonderful services over at YUMPU Publishing, I’ve been having a blast. I’ve worked with my partners to turn a big stack of our old issues into an absolutely gorgeous, full-colored hemp flipping book. Our fans all over the world have commented on how much they love that the website adjusts all files to be rendered perfectly on the user’s screen, whether devices, a tiny smartphone or a giant desktop computer. With millions of people visiting YUMPU Publishing every year, you know that they must be doing something right. I absolutely loved their quick, free, and super-efficient conversion of my PDF files into an html5 page flip book, and our fans do too.

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